Oct. 21st, 2014

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Since our boy is all about the High Octane Nightmare Fuel (though he did write a few lighter pieces that cleanse the palate in between all the weird), I'm not adverse to pulling out the stops. He's got little to no Weirdness Filter, so don't hesitate to toss the most eldritch things at him (or the most normal; normal is actually pretty alien to him...). Just as a heads up:

Yes to:

-F/M: He generally prefers innocent, feminine types for companionship, but is unlikely to initiate anything more than polite touches on the hand or proffering his arm like a polite gentleman of the early 1900s. If Milady should try and hug and/or kiss him, he'll get awkward and a bit uncomfortable in the manner of a much-younger man of inexperience, but he's not unwilling. Dominant ladies will find him surprisingly tractable if they start making the moves on him and while not the most enthusiastic partner, he won't object, but he will look a bit "deer in the headlights".

-Xeno/M: Want to throw your tentacled thing/Old One/Innsmouth Charlie the Tuna thing at him? Have at it!

-Psychological torment: He practically wrote the book on Gone Mad From the Revelation, so we're totally on board with driving this guy to madness

-Violence/Gore: I'm totally golden with this, just ask permission first and describe what you have in mind, okay? Okay!

-Fourth Walling: Within reason - I'm totally golden with folk gushing over his fiction or asking him what the hell is with all the fishy things. Just... no mention of the movie he's from (I'd be the first to admit, it's so-so at best as an HPL adaptation: the framing sections he appears in manage to be more Lovecraftian than the segments they frame)?

Maybe to:

-M/M: He's fine with companionship/friendship/bromance, but if a gent tries to initiate anything straight up romantic, he's likely to get really uncomfortable and say as much (I'm open to slashy things, just not with this guy generally, unless the stars align just right).

-Dub-con/non-con: Just give me a heads-up on what you have in mind, plz? plz?

No to:

-Killing him, mind-raping him without first asking permission of me. Please, let's not do that. It's not fun.

-Character Bashing. I'm aware of historical!Lovecraft's bigotry and I'm dismayed by it (for what it's worth, he'd have found fault with me: even though I'm of European ancestry, I just so happen to be of Irish immigrant stock on both sides, which he frowned upon). However, this is a non-bigoted fictional version, and as such, let's save any discussions of that blot on the real-world guy's character for analysis of his fiction as we know it in the world outside RP??


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