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Yes, I know they're cliche, but the idea was too amusing in a horrible way to resist...

The tentacles are eight in number, and when scanned via MRI or X-ray are anchored to a ridge of bone that apparently has grown out of the vertabrae of his middle upper back, between and slightly below his shoulder blades. They share characteristics of both cuttlefish and octopus tentacles. They range in length from four feet from base to tip (the middle two pairs) to eighteen inches (the topmost pair) to a foot long (the bottommost pair). The skin is damp to the touch, and is capable of changing its color, usually coming close to the color of whatever they're nearest to; the lower sides are equipped with suckers which are full of nerve endings and act almost as secondary peripheral nervous system (which will annoy him to no end: he's prone to sensory overload anyway...).

They're constantly in motion, feeling over and around his torso, reaching for things, grabbing them, testing out surfaces. Occasionally, and only with player consent, they will make a grab for someone's arm/shoulder/hand; he'll immediately help the person to detangle themself and he'll apologize profusely; if you want the tentacles to harass your character, please post a comment below, otherwise, they'll leave your character alone.


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